Sunday, March 23, 2014

Shall I Write A Love Poem?

Shall I write
A love poem
Of a love
So true?

Of how with one look
My soul blazed into life
That I trembled anew?

The flames devouring my strife?

Shall I write
That I've gazed
Into his eyes
And found fire and ice
And everything nice?
Of how I recognized
A kindred spirit
In those depths
Accepting of me
And all or any vice?

That he's pledged
His life to me?
And gave it willingly?
Because he's found what
He'd been searching for?
A lifetime of looking in
The wrong door

That in return
I promised 
A fierce
And passionate love
For all of time
And that he
Will always and forever
Be mine

If I wrote this poem
Would you think it true?
Or would you think it fantasy?
Written by a woman
Wishing it her reality
Longing for love
Passion and thunder
Lightening in
The eye of the storm
And love in
It's fiery haze
Dancing through life
In a watery daze

Tell me, would you think it true?

Copyright © Allene Angelica 2014