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The Escape (Luther)

It worked out better
Than he planned
He was never
A subtle man
Though the day
Was stormy gray
He stole
The prize

With rope
And horses
And of course
A few trusted

They made
Their escape
Through rough
And rocky road
Their flight
Made swift
By bearing
A light load

The strong
Carried them
Fleetly away
While the girl
By his side
Rode quietly
All day

Her fearful eyes
To the road ahead
From her
Not a peep
As if a lamb
Or obedient sheep

Her demeanor
Told a different tale
No offered deals
Or mournful wails
Spine held rigid
As if forged from steel
Her bearing regal

And he could tell
She Would Not Heel

He glanced at her
From time to time
Where it was
She hailed
How her people
Could have failed

Because he knew
That his heart
Did fall

He would die
For her

She owned him
Blood, bones
And all

Copyright © Allene Angelica 2016


The Oracle

An old crone
Walked slowly
Out of a loud
And boisterous tavern

All alone
Stooped and bowed
With the aid of a staff
Limped away
Into the night

She stepped off the road
Turned towards the forest
Her gait heavy
As if she carried
A burdensome load

The wildwood
Is a place she calls home
Her gray hair neglected, unkempt
Glinted in the moonlight
Here she was always
Free to roam

She headed deep
Into the thicket
Her eyes
Of silver glowed

She paused
Arms held high
Raised her nose to the air

'I pray to thee
Goddess Mother
To me
Let all evil show'

Sniffed to the north

'Peace and go forth'

Sniffed to the east

'All is at ease'

Sniffed to the south

'No wicked about'

Sniffed to the west

'I can get some rest'

Around her
All smelled well and right

'There will be
No trouble tonight'

'My thanks Goddess Mother
So mote it be'

She smiled to herself
Pleased and satisfied
As her body shifted
Muscles elongated, contracted

Gray melted
Into fiery red
She straightened
Tall and sinewy
All illusions shed

A vision in white

Holding her staff
Homeward bound
She gracefully
Made her way
Deep into the woods
Without a sound

Her gait nimble and light

Her meeting with the man
Went quite as she expected
Her premonition was right
He will save the girl
Or there was no reason
To fight

Copyright © Allene Angelica 2016

*Allene Angelica*


Fathomless Depths

With sledge hammer
He swings
His mighty arms
Bulging with the strain
Each blast
Causing crumbling rubble to rain
The iron bars bending
Falling away
Steel blue eyes concentrating
On the treasure that lay
Behind the stone wall
Because he plans to
Have it all

An oracle came to him one day
One year past
And told him
He had an important task
He must save a girl
Locked away in a cell


The oracle did not tell

Sweat pouring down
His chiseled face
Laboring as his body ached
He could barely see the waif
Crouched down
On the bed
Long black hair, wild
Around a perfect little head
Fear in her dark brown eyes
Mouth wide open
Full of silent cries
Muscles taut
On her thick golden thighs

Slowly entering
The small cavity he created
His large frame
Barely able to manage
Approaching the girl
With firm steady steps
Nearing the bed
He stopped short
With indrawn breath
Staring into her dark eyes
He fell
Into their fathomless depths

Copyright © Allene Angelica 2016

*Allene Angelica*

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Steel Blue

In the bowels of his dungeon
She uttered not a sound
Uncomfortable, filthy
Securely manacled and bound

She slumped
Eyes lowered, dry
All hope is lost
She can no longer cry

Crumpled, naked
Torn and abused
Shackled by chains
Accustomed to the use

Despair written
On her golden flesh
Unknowingly entangled
In his intricate mesh

In the night
He pays his visits
Gratification, his goal
He pleasures
In marking her as his
Master, his role

In the corner
Wretchedly broken
And fettered
Unable to move
From the bed
She is tethered

One dark stormy day
She heard an
Undeniable scrape
At her tiny cell window
A curse and a grunt 
And a whispered heave-ho

She turned her head slowly
Her dark eyes aglow
A large arm appeared
Inked with a tattoo
Next a crop of light hair
Then came eyes of steel blue

Copyright © Allene Angelica 2016