Sunshine and Freckles - A Short Story

Sunshine and Freckles
A Short Story

Copyright © Allene Angelica 2014

Now I tell you what, it's been a long time since I've been back here in these parts.  Just to be here, to step foot on this soil sends shivers up my spine.  Can't you feel it?  It's more than the humidity, the heat, the swelterin' feelin' of desolation.  She's still here.

That poor miserable creature is still here.  I remember it like it was yesterday.  She was so pretty.  All sunshine and freckles.  And she smelled of the wind.  That's what she was like...all easy, breezy.  Her giggles were infectious.  I was younger by a few years.  Lived right down the street.  She'd come barrelin' down on her bicycle laughin' with her big toothy grin and freckles.  Did I mention she was covered in freckles?  She used to say, "You can connect the dots but you'll never finish in a day."  Yeah, she was somethin'.  She was my only friend in this whole goddamn town and one day she was gone.

The whole town looked for her.  Searched for months.  Devastated her family.  They were never the same.  The parents blamed each other.  They divorced a year later and the mom took the kids two towns over.  Remarried from what I hear.  Her dad?  Sad one that one.  She was the apple of his eye.  He started drinkin'.  Lost his family, lost his job, in the end his heart gave out.  Died of a broken heart that one did.

We all know she's gone but I still feel her here in this town.  Oh yeah, some say she ran away with a beau but that's just wishful thinkin'.  I know she came to a bad end.  Somethin' horrible happened to that girl, I just know it.  

That's her house there.  The woebegone lookin' one.  No one's been there since the dad died.  They tried selling it but no one wants to buy it.  As soon as the buyers step one foot into it they're practically jumping to get right back out.  Can't say I blame them.  Her presence is strong in there.  Very strong.

(Sigh) Well, good luck Detective Lars, is it?  I'm glad you're taking the case.  I hope you find her.  I get the feelin' she's not far.  Not far at all.  You can feel her strongest at the house.  That's where I'd look first if I were you...

The End...