Sunday, March 23, 2014


In this exotic
Tropical clime
And the sneaky
Vampire slime
I was in denial
For so long
Oh but those
Creatures are vile
And I was
So very wrong

They would sneak
Into my room
In multiple pairs
And catch me
Completely unawares

Their hungry eyes
Would light
Upon my thighs
And take a nibble
Here and there
Next thing I know
I have bumps
Oh and they would itch
And I would scratch
And scratch
And scratch
Until I ended up
With a big angry patch

Is now my
I've had to change
My behavior
Who cares
If I smell medicinal
All day long
And that my new scent
Is Eau de Repellent
And I'm singing their song
I have now
Seen the light
You know
That I'm right
That repellent
Is my best friend
All day
And all night

Copyright © Allene Angelica 2014

*Allene Angelica*
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