Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Short Story - A Prickly Sensation One Normal Morning

One normal morning on a normal ordinary day I made my way down the stairs to eat breakfast.  Three quarters of the way down the stairs I saw a man with black hair wearing a light blue button down long sleeve shirt and khaki colored pants standing in the dining room. His back was turned to me. I didn't recognize him so I thought he must be one of my father's friends here for a visit. I thought it odd that he was visiting so early in the morning. It was half past six a.m. As I reached the bottom step he stepped out through the open glass door into our backyard, turned to the right and walked towards the gate that leads to the house next door. Out of curiosity I walked into the dining room and headed to the sliding glass door. It was shut. I didn't recall seeing the man close it. I looked out back, towards the gate, it was padlocked. That's strange, I thought.

My parents walked in and we sat down to breakfast and I forgot all about the incident. It wasn't until after we had eaten and my parents were sitting in the living room watching television that I remembered. I asked my dad who our visitor was this morning. He looked up at me confused and answered, 'No one.' 'Wasn't a man here earlier?' I asked and proceeded to describe him.  My father glanced at my mother confusion written on his face and responded firmly, 'No. No one has been here today.' A prickly sensation went up my spine as I headed back to my bedroom.

*Allene Angelica*
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