Sunday, May 29, 2011

Our Day Trip to San Francisco

Minnette and I decided to take a trip to San Francisco.  We took the BART train from the Fremont station to the Powell station.  It turned out to be a great idea.  We didn't have to worry about looking for parking and paying for parking fees.  The train ride took about an hour and as soon as we stepped off the train what greeted us was the hustle and bustle of city life.  Very different from the Silicon Valley environment that we are used to which compared to San Francisco I would consider very tame.  I loved it.  You could feel the energy in the air.  We went on a Friday so there were plenty of people going about their daily work schedule.  Men and women in suits carrying briefcases hurriedly scurrying around on their way to their office or to their next appointment.  Women in stilettos out pacing me in my flats.  How do they do it?  I know I couldn't.  I chuckled to myself, Minnette and I looked like tourists.  Me with my Lubitel camera hanging around my neck and my digital around my wrist.  Minnette also carrying her own digital camera.  From Powell we walked to Chinatown stopping along the way to take pictures at Union Square.  In Chinatown we explored the shops, ate lunch at a little Chinese deli type place (our lunch cost only $8.00 for two and could have fed 3-4 people).  We looked in on several other food shops because Minnette wanted to buy pork buns and rice cakes for her husband.  While she was purchasing her items I looked through a display of jade jewelry and purchased a jade ring to commemorate the day.  After purchasing the items we walked to Little Italy and had coffee at the cutest cafe (I forget the name but I would definitely recognize it if I saw it again).  The cafe mocha I ordered was the best one I'd ever tasted.  It tasted like chocolate without the bitterness of coffee.  Fabulous!  Little Italy is full of color and reminiscent of a European town.  Plenty of locals and tourists sitting outside cafes and restaurants idly enjoying their day with friends and family.  We walked back to Chinatown on the way to the Piers and we discovered a tea tasting store.  It's called "Vital Tea Leaf".  It's run by a man called, Kenny.  He prepared and presented the different kinds of teas for our tasting.  He is very funny, a natural showman.  We enjoyed our time there immensely.  We bought a couple of different types of teas from him.  I bought one that he swears is good for high blood pressure, cholesterol and several other ailments but it's the worst tasting tea I've ever tasted.  I also bought a tea that is suppose to be good for my allergies, this one tasted good.  I'm going to drink those two teas daily and we'll see if there are any improvements to my issues.  Wouldn't it be great if tea can cure my maladies.  After filling up with tea we walked towards Pier 1 to the Ferry Building Marketplace.  On the way we walked through a water fountain with water falls and took some pictures as tourists would do.  The Ferry Building is nice with stores, coffee shops and restaurants.  I found it catered more to tourists and business professionals.  A very commercial type of place.  I really enjoyed myself in Chinatown and Little Italy because you get a real sense of atmosphere.  We trekked back to the BART Powell station, got on the train and after drove back home to our realities.

 A mural in Chinatown.

A mural in Little Italy.

 Art work:  Open books with empty pages

Because all the words fell out.

Water fountain sculpture in front of the Ferry Building Marketplace.