Sunday, November 6, 2011

Third Installment of My Chemical Peels

Just finished my third round of a series of five DIY at home chemical peels.  I'm getting better at applying the chemical peel, more confident.  My hand was steady and knew exactly where it wanted to go and what areas it wanted to concentrate on.  My previous two applications I was a little apprehensive and was much more timid with the acid.  My skin must be getting used to it because it didn't burn as much as the last time.  I left the acid on for a total of five minutes before washing it off.  We'll see how my skin does in the next couple of days.  I also want to mention that after the last chemical peel I thought the peeling had ended after about the third or fourth day but I noticed over a week after the peel that my skin was still peeling in random areas on my face.  I feel really good about doing the peels at home.  If I would have gone to a salon it would have cost me $100 per treatment so not only am I giving myself a beauty treatment my skin really needs but I'm saving money in the process also I am able to control the procedure so that if things go well I have only myself to thank but if things go sour I also have only myself to blame.  So far so good though.

*Allene Angelica*

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