Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 1 -SharePoint 2010 Class in S.F.

The day is going fabulous so far. It's 1:06 pm and I'm half way through my class. Just finished doing five Lab exercises. I took a window seat on the third floor so I have a great view of New Montgomery St. People busily walking up and down the street going about their day. Outside my window across the street is a parking garage. The building is old and beautiful. I love that about S.F. All the great architecture.

6:03 pm. Been home for a half hour. It was great day and an interesting class. Very nice teacher. Very informative. If it was my choice I would take all my classes there in S.F. I don't think my company would go for that, though. It's nice to be in a classroom environment, you tend to concentrate more and are not interrupted by work related issues. Looking forward to day two of my class...hmmmm...where will I have lunch tomorrow?

*Allene Angelica*
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