Monday, June 29, 2015

A Day In My Life 06302015

Yesterday while on the boat ride across the sea, I noticed a woman wearing flip-flops, standard gear around the islands, and around her feet were ants busily scuttling about.  I looked down at my own feet (they could have done with a bit of lotion) and around everyone else's but hers were the only ones they seemed to be drawn to.  Most of the ants here, from my experience, are highly carnivorous.  They will pass over an easy meal like a piece of bread or a bit of chocolate crumb (well I never!) for a live spider.  I've seen them attack a live spider, take it apart and carry the pieces away.  (Yes!  They would rather battle a spider than have chocolate!  Priorities!)  My own little army of spider annihilators.  I've often thought to myself that if I died here they would have picked most of my body apart before anyone found me.  (Darlings, start with the good bits first please.)

So...I wondered what she might have stepped on to cause their little hearts a fluttering...hmmmm....

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