Monday, June 1, 2015

The Necromancer

At witching time

I was awoken
I heard the howl
So eerily foul


The necromancer
Was a bewitching dancer

That's the tale I was told
Since I was four years old

Tall and statuesque
Beauty in arabesque
Now bent and grotesque
Thanks to a man
Who couldn't understand
Her god-given gifts

It caused
An uncrossable rift

Her love for him
For him she would do
The unthinkable
But her gift
Was in her DNA
Remove them?
No way!

One night he stole away
Not a word did he say
No one saw hide nor hair
As if he vanished
Into thin air

Oh how she howled
A howl
So eerily foul


The Necromancer
Was a bewitching dancer

A witness some claimed
Saw her that night
It was a frightful sight
The night her man
Took off and ran

It was a full moon
Don't you know
Her in the meadow
All aglow

Clawing, clawing, clawing
Scratching and mauling
Her face
It was an alarming

Her blood streaming down
As she pirouette
Round and round
Marking the ground

Nothing grows there
To this very day

And for many years
She lay in tears
The heartbreak
Of the betrayed
She slowly grew bowed
Each day

Maybe there was a burden
Too heavy
For her shoulders
To carry
Or vengeful hands
Tugging her down
Pulling her down
To the ground

Many had their own
But never made
Any inquiries

It's been decades now
But every year I hear the howl
Of the necromancer
She was a bewitching dancer


Copyright © Allene Angelica 2015