Saturday, April 19, 2014

Bar Sinister

Bar sinister
Has an ominous sound
Is it meant to astound?

Nullius filius
Sounds important
And portentous
Maybe a bit pretentious

Oh the ill-fated child
Born of sin
Shall grow untamed and wild
Lead the innocent
Down the path of no return
With a kiss and a smile
And away they're sent
Oh but what if this by-blow
Is of right and sound mind
Then the child is twice cursed
She must come from below
All hell and damnation
Inspired her creation
There is no doubt
That she will do her worst
While she twists and shouts

From the minds
Of the ignorant
Past and present
For a child
No matter how it arrived
Is a gift from above
And should receive
Nothing but love

This child of the first
Is strong
With lungs that can scream
And loud
She has a thirst
For the written word
With angels as her guide
She has nothing to hide
Honesty is her game
The truth in her name

She of earth and fire
Of softness and desire
Walks through life
Through the happiness
And the strife
With a wink and a smile
For she knows
All lessons only last
For a while

She holds out her hand
To her big strong man
As she walks by his side
Three steps to his one
Long stride

This child of love
Born of secrecy
A love child
Of illegitimacy
Has nothing but love to give
And a loving lifetime to live

Copyright © Allene Angelica 2014