Friday, August 23, 2013

There Was A Time

There was a time
When I no longer had the will
To care

I floated through life
A ghost
With blinders on
The thumping of my heart steady
Thu-thump, thu-thump
Excitement was rare

No emoticons
My expression carved in stone
You couldn't tempt me
Not a single bit
If you walked in bare

Not a word written
Not a song sung
Not a muscle twitched
Or bell aching to be rung

Is this my life?
No love or strife?
No hate or desire?
No passion for any living soul?

Emptiness is all I saw
A hollowness
I could only withdraw
Further and further
Into my mind
Filling my dreams
Of memories
Of there was a time

When I was young and carefree
Nothing could wipe
The smile from me
Of emotions so intense
All I saw was the color red
Having the time of my life
There was no time for bed

One day as I sat restless
Surfing online
I came upon some verses
My heart skipped a beat
My lips smiled
I wiggled in my seat
I read more
And then some more

Do I dare?
To write my words there?

There was a time
When I accepted the dare

*Allene Angelica*
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