Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Down Below

A black void has filled my soul
An inky emptiness
That echoes voiceless moans
Creeping ever so silently
It's time to pay the toll

I am numb
I am struck dumb
Is this how it begins?
Evil answers
With a knowing grin

You are mine
For all of time
I know what's in your heart
It calls to me
We can never be apart

My mouth a silent O
I scream, I scratch
I kick him below

He laughs at my puny attempts
As he grabs at my arms
Me away
As I reach out in alarm
For sanity to save me
From my madness
Nails digging into the earth
Praying for rebirth

My mouth a silent O
I scream a voiceless scream
As I kick him down below

*Allene Angelica*
Sent from my iPad

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