Friday, August 2, 2013

Last Night

I opened my eyes
To a light
Too bright
My head throbbing
To a beat
I had not heard
In many a year
When I used to hit
The dance floor
On single feet

I groan, I moan
What is this I'm feeling?
My stomach responds
With a rumbling
And my head
Starts reeling

In a panic
I leap out of bed
With beads of sweat
On my forehead
That I make it
To my throne
Thanking The Lord
That I am alone
As I regurgitated
All I had to drink
Last night

It's what happens
When you go out
After dark
With a bunch of wild
Raving mad
But absolutely lovable
Who party like
Rock stars
And fix your drinks
At the bar
Until you no longer
Know who you are

I don't regret
One single minute
One single second
As I recall
The laughter
The dancing
The living
Last night
They gave me strength
They gave me hope
They reminded me
Of me
Strong, beautiful
With spines of steel
And full of love
That is very real

*Allene Angelica*
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