Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My Demons

My demons
Torture my mind
Eat at my soul

They cling, fester
At my well-being
My peace of mind, they stole

My words released
Can sting
But makes me whole

I am afraid
I am the cause
Even if not
I played a role

I did not mean
For you
To take such drastic measures
To cease the beauty that you dole

Forgive me
My love
For the things I have said
But kept inside
It takes its toll

It will worm its way
From mind to heart
Turning burning love
To searing hate
Aflame on fiery coals

Crunching munching
Sizzling, broiling
The demons
Work their way
Until there is nothing left
But an ugly gaping hole

My passion
Gets the better of me I know
My darling
You will be back
With a vengeance
To shine your light
Your happiness, my love, is my goal

*Allene Angelica*

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