Friday, July 12, 2013

Fathomless Depths (Sequel to Steel Blue)

With sledge hammer he swings
His mighty arms bulging with the strain
Each blast causing crumbling rubble to rain
The iron bars bending, loosening, falling away
Steel blue eyes concentrating
On the treasure that lay
Secured behind the stone wall
Because he plans to ultimately
Have it all

An oracle came to him one day
One year past
And told him that he had an important task
He must save the girl
Locked away in this cell
What she is meant to do
The oracle did not tell

Sweat pouring down his face
Laboring as his body ached
He could barely see the waif
Crouching in the corner
Fear in her dark brown eyes
Resembling a caged animal
Muscles taut on her thick golden thighs

Slowly entering the cavity he created
His large body barely able to manage
Approaching the girl with firm steady steps
Looking her straight in her dark eyes
With indrawn breath he stopped short
As he fell into their fathomless depths

*Allene Angelica*
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