Monday, June 17, 2013

Steel Blue

In the bowels of his dungeon
She will utter not a sound
Uncomfortable, filthy
Securely manacled and bound

She slumps
Eyes lowered, dry
All hope is lost
She can no longer cry

Crumpled, naked
Torn and abused
Shackled by chains
Accustomed to the use

She slumps
Despair written
On her golden flesh
Unknowingly entangled
In his intricate mesh

In the night
He pays his visits
Gratification, his goal
He pleasures
In marking her as his
Master, his role

She slumps
In the corner
Wretchedly broken
And fettered
Unable to move
From the bed she is tethered

One bright clear day
She heard a quiet rustle
At her tiny cell window
A curse and grunt 
And a whispered heave-ho
She turned her head slowly
Her dark eyes staring
A large arm appeared
Inked with a tattoo
Next a crop of light hair
Then came eyes of steel blue

*Allene Angelica*

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