Thursday, June 6, 2013

Journeys End

My weary eyes can no longer see
Blood shot, red
And kind of blurry
But some words came to me
As I lay on my bed

Tired and sore
A soft pillow under my head
But the thoughts kept spinning

Round and round and round

I had to get up
And type it all down

So I grabbed my keyboard
My fingers on the keys
They started typing
While propped on my knees

I just got back you see
From a very long journey
I traveled alone
Completely, on my own

Across state borders
Past orchards and farms
Through peaceful valleys
Sleepy towns
With plenty of charm
Up a tall mountain
Or was it two?
And then drive back down again
While keeping an eye out
For coppers too

It is an exhausting drive
With no one to talk to
The boring flatlands
And dangerous bends

But it is all worth it
For the gifts waiting for me
At journeys end

*Allene Angelica*
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