Friday, June 7, 2013

My Wrath

Spread through my veins
Electrical bursts
I could not contain

A red haze
Was all I saw
My heart pounding
In my chest
Rage I could not

I walked through the crowd
I could feel their eyes on me
I didn't care what they thought

My venomous orbs
Found the cause
Of my wrath

There with his mates
At the corner bar
Acting like a superstar
Laughing, flirting, talking
Having a good ole time
While I, at home
Scrubbing grime
Bathing the kids
No answer to the question
"Where's daddy?"
At dinner time

I grabbed him by the arm
To turn him around
I glared into his face
"Say goodnight to your children, now!"

It wouldn't be so bad
If it was here
and there
But every night
Was a bit severe

I wondered
What I was doing wrong
Am I not loving enough?
Cleaning enough?
Sensual enough?
Maybe it was all those things
Maybe it was just him

That night I didn't care
About his reasons
For not being there
To kiss his children

All I wanted was for him
To be home that night

As we walked home together
I could no longer hold it in
The rage, the wrath, the fury
Would not stay within
I screamed at the top of my lungs

"I hope that place catches on fire!"
"I hope that place catches on fire!"
"I hope that place catches on fire!"

In the morning I awoke
To the smell of lingering smoke
I looked out of my window
And found
That the place had burned down
To the ground.

*Allene Angelica*