Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I Heard Tell

Come closer
You must be new
I've not seen your face
You seem so out of place

I must warn
I heard tell
In this sleepy little town
That grown men
Can be found

Because you see
There are pleasures here
But not where your eyes can gaze
No matter how near

It happens late in the night
Deep in darkness hidden from view
There are no screams, struggles or fights
Just a quiet stillness that all is right

The men
Leave their windows open
Eager for a visit
They say, from a siren
Straight out of hell
Her beauty binds them in a spell

She slithers in
Undulating in a rhythmic dance
Fathomless eyes filled with heat

The men
Transfixed, cannot move a beat
As she rides without abandon
Straddled on their helpless forms
Bringing pleasure
Without measure
For all she performs

When she is through
She glides away
To where?

They haven't a clue

*Allene Angelica*

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