Sunday, January 27, 2013

My False Lash Experiment

About a week ago I got the bright idea to try wearing false lashes. I've never worn them before and to tell the truth have never really been interested. I've always been the swipe on a few layers of mascara type of gal. But one day a few weeks back I was out to lunch with a girl friend and she complimented our waitress on her false lashes and asked where she purchased them. After the waitress mumbled that she couldn't really remember but maybe bought them from some accessory shop somewhere before walking off with our order, my friend confessed that she never uses mascara, she always wears false lashes that set my mind reeling. 'Really?' I thought to myself. I know I'm a bit sheltered but that was news to me. Women really wear false lashes on just a regular day like a work day? I can understand special occasions but on regular days too? Well that day replayed itself in my mind for the last few weeks. The waitress with her thick black false eyelashes (they did really look quite nice and brought out her exotic eyes) and my friend's confession. So one day a week ago while I was at the drug store ambling from aisle to aisle dropping feminine essentials into my basket I came along the false lashes section, I stood there for a while staring at the display not really knowing why. They had so many different lashes to choose from I didn't know where to start. Those long spiky lashes of different lengths and thickness in those clear plastic cases intimated me. I thought to myself how could I be afraid of some synthetic little hairs when I faced down two bullies in an alleyway in the sixth grade protecting my little sister (that's a story for another day)! So with my shoulders back my spine rigid I reached out and pulled the starter kit from the shelf. After making the purchase I drove straight home to try them out. The first couple of tries were horrendous. I got glue everywhere, all over my eyelids, fingers and even my eyeballs but I think I now have the gist of it after watching a couple of how to videos on YouTube. I still need a lot of practice before I can wear the suckers in public but I'm sure I'll get there eventually.

I've attached a link to one of the how to videos I watched...Kandee Johnson...she's so cute...I started following her YouTube videos.  She has great make-up tips.

How to Apply False Eyelashes by Kandee Johnson

Update:  I'm getting the hang of it.  Of course I'm not practicing everyday just the weekends.  I'm attaching a couple of before and after pics of me using false accent lashes. :)



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