Friday, March 9, 2012

Consumed With Thoughts of the Past

So here I sit consumed with thoughts of the past.  I'm on the third 'Sara Woodbury" novel.  Her time travel series!  I love how she takes a part of history and incorporates it and transforms it into a fantasy fiction sci-fi type of story.  I'd never in my life been interested in the country of Wales.  I knew that it's a part of England but that was the extent of my knowledge.  When I read "Daughter of Time" it started a curiosity in me and I looked online for Cymry (Wales) and Llewelyn ap Gruffydd, the last Prince of Wales.  Reading her books brought Llewelyn back to life and turned him into a hero of Wales, a unifier of Wales.  Someone who I rooted for, not only for him but his descendants and trusted allies, as well.  He was someone who in reality was betrayed by everyone around him but in her books he had family and trusted allies who loved and cared for him.  Rather than just the cold hard facts of a history book, her books took the facts, read between lines and imagined a different life for our tragic hero.  Where in reality he was betrayed, beheaded and his head set up over the gate at the Tower of London for over 15 years without a son to carry his vision into the next generation, the hope of Wales as an independent country died with him, in her stories he lived, he loved and begot an heir.  What can I say, there is something compelling about sword fights, battles and intrigue with a splash of romance thrown in, not too much but just enough.

*Allene Angelica*

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