Thursday, December 1, 2011

I Don't Mean to Offend But...

So, I read an article today, probably on Yahoo somewhere, I can't really remember exactly where I saw it.  You know how cyberspace works...we flip through millions of information a day between that and actual work by the time you get home your brain is exhausted.  Anyways, back to the main topic, I read that scientists did a study on college students to find out how many times realistically do men and women think about sex.  They found that the men thought about sex over 300 times a day while the women thought about sex around 140 times a day.  Huge difference!  Well then that got my brain thinking back on an asian anime that I watched a year or so ago, I'm sure it was rated R.  Well, this particular anime was majorly gory, I couldn't watch the entire series but I do remember clearly this one episode where a woman was being guarded because she committed some sort of offense and because she was miserable she wasn't eating enough and had lost a lot of weight.  The two guards guarding her were talking about her weightloss and made a comment that she was so thin that when she bends over while bathing they can see her butth--e and that it was so unattractive.  I was like "Really?".  So of course you know what I had to do, don't you?  I went over to my wall mirror and bent over...hahaha...and was relieved to find that I had enough junk in my trunk...hahaha...  So back to men thinking about sex over 300 times a day...I wonder if one of those times during the day if that particular thought passes through their brain?  Well, as for me, if us women think about sex 140 times a day, I'd say that thought has crossed my mind today about 10 times already.  And when I see an especially thin woman my mind wonders.....hmmmm....

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