Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Remove My Love (Spoken Word)

I see no love
But arrangements
In disguise
Are they blind
Or are they wise?

Do they feel
The passion in my soul?
The thunder that rumbles
My body whole?

Remove my love
And I shall
Go insane
For without it
I am nothing
But a blood red stain
In a world
Shrouded in black rain
They will try to bleach me
Down the drain

A hollow shell
I shall become
My tears well
But will not succumb
No longer do I dwell
In this lifeless form
And sorrow cell

For without my love
I am but a spirit in the night
Howling a haunting tune
All dressed in white
Searching for my
Brave, strong knight
While the folks
The kinfolk
Lock their doors in fright

Copyright © Allene Angelica 2014