Saturday, August 23, 2014

My Adventures in Cautery (Part 3)

Almost Over

This part of my story
Is almost over
There's no glory
No splendor
Time flew slowly
Without a whir

It sloth-ed on
With no excuses
The hourly yawn
Of the clock
Had no concessions
Or allowances

The last few months
Have been a drain
A heavy heavy
Daily strain

With eyes on me
At every turn

Doesn't even
Fully describe
The feelings
All the feelings
Swirling inside

There were times
I'd even forgotten
Walking around
With a smile

But then a stare
A glare
A smirk
From some
Female jerk
Would really
Really irk

I could read
The thoughts
On her face
Her delight
At the many spots
'Oh what a
Sad sad case'

Silent words
That clearly raced
Across her
Beaming mug
Acting a little smug

Maybe I'm
But whenever
I see that look
I want to scream
A damn expletive!

Copyright © Allene Angelica 2014

This is basically just a picture diary of my progress.  I'm still doing and using the same procedures and products that I mentioned in Part Two.  I've been consistent and haven't wavered.  Below I've posted all pictures including the ones from Part One and Two.

I went ahead and included the links to Part One and Two

All photos starting from May 19th on were taken after washing my face.  I used natural lighting and no make up (only lip balm because I hate dry lips) and no photo edits.  All photos were taken with my iPad.

No difference probably between July 21 & July 29 because I decided to give my skin a break from peeling.  Did not put anything on my skin besides coconut oil after washing but started my peeling program again on the evening of the 29th.

This is the final week that I will take pics.  The spots are all almost completely faded and in a couple of weeks will be non-existent.  I'm satisfied that peeling my skin weekly has helped speed the fading process.  Will I do cautery again?  I don't know...maybe but with more caution in the future.  Two or three at a time not my entire face...that was a very bad idea I must say.  :-/

Below taken same day as above pics but with make-up and soft lighting.  Taken on the evening of the 23rd :-)