Monday, July 14, 2014

Lost Key

Once upon a time
In a land faraway
Where little children
Did come out to play
There was a little girl
Who had lost her key
A very important key

You see

This key taught her
How she is supposed to be
Who she is to become
Without it she was free

And no one wanted to be free

You see

Everyone had a key
They all knew
Who they were going to be
Given to them
Before the age of three

As she grew older
She grew bolder
Bit by bit
She lost her key at five
She was lucky to still be alive
And she knew it

She hid from them all
Her parents too afraid
To make the call

To lose a daughter
And her key?
That was a huge offense
With no defense

You see

Because everyone
Must have a key
Without it
Who will you be?

The little girl knew
She just wanted to be
A soul who would always be free

Copyright © Allene Angelica 2014