Thursday, November 14, 2013

Run Far Away (Originally Written November 26, 2004)

Run, run, run away
For you see
In his lustful eyes
And beguiling ways
A future
He can not disguise
Full of hurt
And wanton needs
Full of obsession
And misery
It is best
To run away
And protect yourself
From the onslaught
Of lies
And duplicity
Better to set sail
For smooth
Calm waters
Than sail
A brewing storm
That will leave you
Broken and torn
Only to limp home
To mend and patch
The shattered pieces
Of your life
Oh, but oh
The mortal eyes
Can see
And the mind
Can know
But it is
The heart
The lust
The heat
Your thighs
That sets
Your feet racing
A road
That leads
But a
Dead end
A crippled heart
And lost dreams

(Written November 26, 2004)

*Allene Angelica*
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