Monday, March 25, 2013

The Scourge (Poets of G+ Prompt of the Week - Molotov Cocktail)

***Last night I made changes to this piece because I was so not happy with it.  I can't make the change on G+ because it would disqualify me but I'm making the change here.  The rhythm was off and it was driving me crazy.  I think now the rhythm is better and the ending doesn't seem as chopped off as before.  I hope you agree.***

The Scourge

The dark scourge's heart thumps
In a dark recess of my town
Da dump da dump

Its roots buried deep
Opaque tentacles slithers silently
From street to street
Searching, searching
Skulking, sneaking
Always creeping
For its next prey

It is ravenous
I can sense its hunger
The stomach cavernous
It howls in desperation
It hasn't fed in months
Forced in isolation

Its prey has evolved
Smarter, quicker
More resolved

Out of reach
From its inviting talons
Talons, poison-tipped each

Fear oozes
From its pores
For death will soon be
Knocking down its door

I walk through the silent street
I know where the heart lays
I've heard it beat
Thumping, humping
Seducing, inviting

In my left hand
My weapon of choice
I will take my stand
A bottle of premium burns the best
I always say
In my right, my street chrome zippo
To help light my way

My fuel soaked rag, lit
I stare at my target
The time has come to end it!
To burn, burn, burn it!

Flames lick at my skin
As I ready my stance
My pitch is true
The blaze dance

It meets its mark
The thing screeches and shrieks
While I watch in the dark

Its death is final
We can now and forever breathe
And ease our vigil
But I stand alert

You never know
What is buried
Deep down in the dirt.

*Allene Angelica*