Saturday, February 7, 2015

A Day In My Life 02072015

I've been stretching myself
One plus one
Equals four
Just kidding
No, really
Not finding the stimulation

I broke a hair
Thingamajig today
My last one
Been expecting it
I'd have to say
Can't find the strength
To go buy another
My hair will be wild
And free
For a little while
It's not a bother

Looked at my birth chart
It's been a minute
Since I've done that
Gave myself
A rational chat
Reminding me
Of how complicated
I can be
With my earth and fire
At my core
Air performing
A balancing act
Who knows
What's in store
It's all good
As long
As I stay afloat
Keeping my
Water levels
Beneath my boat

Put my
Little baby birdies
To bed
Happy as clams
As I pulled the sheet
Over their heads

My turn
To hit the hay
Wished everything
Was A O.K.
Slathered repellent
All over exposed skin
Those mozzie bitches
Followed me in

Copyright © Allene Angelica 2015