Thursday, February 27, 2014


The Gods
Of old mythology
I studied
As a child

I was drawn
To the library; weekly
To read their stories
Reckless and wild

Of mighty Zeus
His conquests; naughty
Of Hera, his bride
Riddled with jealousy
Oh how she would get so riled

But none
Was more favored by me
As was

She was a muse of dance
The talented, Terpsichore
One of daughters; nine
Of Zeus and Mnemosyne

As I twirled and whirled
In my room; such fantasy
I would call out her name
To inspire me in my game
And most summer days
It was all the same

To be that child again
Living in my dreams
Such happiness to be found
When all around
All I heard
Were silent screams

Copyright © Allene Angelica 2014

*Allene Angelica*
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