Friday, May 10, 2013

Crimson Fire

An old man
In a land of giants
Where they speak a language
That I can not say

Back: broad and strong
Salt and pepper head
Lowered, engrossed
Tools carefully spread
Hands busily digging
His wife of thirty years
In the kitchen diligently cooking

Our lunch

Rose bushes in pots
Aligned like soldiers
Some pink, some white
One crimson fire

The old man looked up
Peered intently at me
His blue eyes
Fixed piercingly

"Which do you like?"
As he gestured to the roses
Red, I falteringly pointed
He nodded as he rose
From bended knees
And continued his work
Wrapping a blanket around me

A few years later
Long after I'd gone
He and his wife with
Their wandering son
Looked out of their kitchen window
At his prized blossoms
They turned to their youngest
Their expression solemn

"Allene looks beautiful today."

Their nomadic son turned away
With not a thing to say


True story. ;)

*Allene Angelica*