Tuesday, April 2, 2013

To Begin Again

In an old attic
I explored
Moldy, cracked boxes and steamer trunks
Littered the floor

Clothes; ancient, moth-eaten and musty
Dust bunnies, centuries old
Hiding in every nook and cranny
Discarded, scattered and jumbled here and there
Were odds and ends, knick knacks, thing-of-a-jigs
It made me wonder
If I touch them, will the original owners although long gone care?

I rifled
And sorted
And recorded

I was beside myself
With awe and pleasure
And pleasure and awe
Amazed at all the treasure
My two not so young eyes saw
Through the dim and faded light
I lit upon an old book or maybe a journal
Where a person of long ago might write
Sitting innocently on an old corner desk
As if waiting
Waiting patiently for me
For me to come a calling

My fingers trembled and shook
As I reached out for the book
I caressed its worn leather binding
Traced the gold and intricate carving
I opened the cover
To my delight
There was a title written there
'To Begin Again' it said
But no author anywhere

I turned the page
It was blank
I flipped to the next few
And my heart sank
The pages were empty

Disappointed I sat
I sat staring at the title
Is that all there is to that?
Finally as the light dimmed lower
I stood up and made my way
To the attic ladder
As I climbed down with book in hand
I thought to myself
Maybe this was a sign
Maybe it's my time
To start writing in this book
To give my life another look
And begin again.

*Allene Angelica*

*Allene Angelica*
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