Saturday, April 28, 2012

Please Don't Come in Here

She sat on her bed, her short pixie hair sticking up in places they shouldn't be, chewing on her already ragged nails. She recalled yesterday's events. She was walking down First Street doing some window shopping. The streets were lined with shops, restaurants and cafes. She liked coming here on her days off. She couldn't really afford to buy anything but walking here and looking in shop windows relaxed her, helped her think. Sometimes after a day on First Street she would drive home with a feeling of hope. But yesterday was different. She was walking along, her mind a thousand miles away, just present enough to navigate through the throngs of people that day. The last thought on her mind was "Is there some sort of sale today or something?" before she saw him. He looked exactly the same tall, well proportioned slim muscular body, his dark brown wavy hair cut short and he was looking down smiling at a cute petite woman listening intently to what she was saying, holding her hand. She was frozen staring, her heart thundering in her chest and perspiration layered her forehead. Someone bumped her and woke her out of her stupor. She looked around for an escape and ran through the nearest store entrance. Please don't come in here. Please don't come in here. Please don't come in here. She repeated over and over her palms sweating, lungs heaving but felt they weren't actually getting any oxygen. She stared out the store window watching them walk by. No one else in their world existed but them was the sense she got as they passed. She waited until she felt the coast was completely clear, left the shop and walked gingerly to her car looking in all directions paranoid she would bump into the happy couple. Once in her car she felt safe, cacooned in her private sanctuary, she started it up and drove home tears flowing freely.

*Allene Angelica*
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