Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Memory

Me and my daughter, Angelique, Halloween 2013 in our Flashdance costumes

Around the mid 80's I was in my teens.  I loved the movie 'Flashdance'.  Do you remember it?  The one starring the gorgeous Jennifer Beals?  I loved to dance to the track Maniac by Michael Sembello.  I would play it over and over again.  One day, while I was in the middle of my solo Flashdance dance off, my tiny, sweet, mild-mannered grandmother burst suddenly into the room yelling "Do you want to be a maniac!  Stop listening to that song!"  I was stunned speechless as she stomped off, her short wavy salt and pepper hair bouncing in agitation while steam blew out of her ears.  And then, I giggled hysterically because she just looked so darned cute.  Dang, I miss her.

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