Sunday, December 14, 2014

Convo With Nature

Morning walks
I inhale the sea air
With nature
A well entertaining

Take Mr. Meso
(As I call him
Short for Mesozoic
A plant as large
As my man he is)
For instance
He said to me today
"When one has been
Around as long as I have,
One takes things in stride.
The sun will rise again
And again and again."

Food for thought
I say
As I carry on
In thoughtful silence

Mrs. Pod
Waves hello
As I saunter by
(Our morning ritual)
Her large pods
Quivering merrily

'And how are you this morning,
Mrs. Pod?', I ask.
"Oh fine dear just fine.
Although my pods
Are gettin' on a bit.
They're ready to shed
But I do hate to lose 'em.
I'll be gettin' new ones
Next season but still..."

'I know what you mean
Mrs. Pod but
The sun will rise again.'
Quoting Mr. Meso
I smile and continue on
Toward my Java treat
Next to the dive shop

Well earned
I say
As I sip
In thoughtful silence

Copyright © Allene Angelica 2014