Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Life's Hullabaloo

The seedy underbelly
Of a belly rubbed
The wrong way
The upside of it all
Is the growth of anatomy
To better a fake economy

Or so says he

The man
With a plan
With his wee

The debased walking tall
At the beck and call
Of Decembers
Aging caterwaul

While May
May have
A little sweet
Not too far away

A sight to see
In this city
No need
To pity

The choices
Are open
To interpretation
Yes or no
To the invitation

I would cry
For the sadness
But the scene
Is so ridiculous

That I smirk
To hide my
Oh to live
And die
On this earth

Nothing to do
But find the humor
In the antics
On the stage
Of the aging
Life's hullabaloo
And so would you
If you gazed upon it too

 Copyright © Allene Angelica 2014