Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Three Little Things

I was asked to participate in the #threelittlethings challenge on G+.  (I decided to copy it on to my blog to record what was important to me at this stage of my life.)  Basically, it is to list three things a day for three days, for which I am grateful, and invite three people to do the same.  (I left the names out of the blog.). I'm starting my first day with the heavies...

The three things I'm grateful for:

Day one:

1. Meeting my love, Phil Hall.
2. My children; Angelique, Shane and James.
3. My life

The three things I'm grateful for on this second day of #threelittlethings are:

Day Two:

1. My health, so far so good.  Knock on wood.
2. My hat, protects me from the burning rays of the sun and just all
    around cool.  :-)
3. My iPad, with it I have written countless poems and started
    many a story.  Some I've completed but many more unfinished.

The three things I'm grateful for on this third and last day of my #threelittlethings challenge are:

Day Three:

1. My pocket wifi - Internet wherever I long as there is a signal.  (Can't
    stop the signal Mal. - 'Serenity' movie reference for all not in the know ;-p )
2. Sunscreen - Speaks for itself
3. Mosquito Repellent - Keeps the bloodsucking bitches away from
  me...ooops...did I say that?  I meant unwanted pests... (It's the female of
  the species that drinks blood.)