Sunday, December 29, 2013

Seraphim - Curiosity

Through the darkness
I glimpsed a fiery glow
Slowly I inched closer
My curiosity had to know

As I neared
My mind conjured
Every scenario I feared

My body warmed
From the heat of the blaze
I felt no pain
Just a bit dizzy, in a daze

On I went
My steps did not falter
Flames slashed, singed and rent
My garb, and still
It did not hamper
Me, For I felt
Compelled you see
To finish this through

Until finally
I stood in front
Of a sight so extraordinary
I am surprised I did not turn blue

With my heart
Pounding in my ears
I was afraid
I would not hear
The message he would give

Eyes of fiery red
I will not soon forget
For as long as I live
Between wings of gold, folded
Over a blazing form
Behind him feathers twinkled
A glittering storm

Then I heard
A voice thundering through
Lips unseen

"For all that is holy,
With all that is holy,
From all that is holy
I have come for you..."

*Allene Angelica*
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